About Limelight Institute

Limelight International Institute of hotel management was established by Limelight Educational Society in 2019 inaugurated by Denduluru MLA Kottaru Abbaiah Chowdary and affiliated to Krishna University to Offer three years of Bachelor’s Degree course in Hotel Management which will be considered as regular degree and qualified for PG.

Limelight Institute offers Non-UGC and Non-AICTE certificate and Diploma courses which are the Specified Job Oriented and self Entrepreneur courses in the field of Hotel Management and Tourism. The course is affiliated by the Jawharlal Nehru Council for Technical Education (JNCTE) Delhi, giving it solid and global credibility. Limelight hotel management has been established to facilitate the transition from Hospitality Academics to successful careers and has new connotations in the modern world.

It is an emerging industry with a bright future and part of the sunshine sector. Like always, we love to be at the vanguard of action and with a preparedness expected of the leaders in the industry. We provide 100%job Opportunities in Star hotels, cruise ships, MNC’S, Tourism, Railways, Airlines.

In Limelight institute students will gain practical Experience through Digitalized Classes as well as Manual Practice Session Labs and Industrial Training at 3,4,5 star hotels. The Career Service Team will meet the Students and Guide them to discuss their career Aspirations. We have well-equipped labs i.e. Model Restaurant with Bar for Food and Beverage Practical’s, Model Bed Room and House Keeping Lab, three advanced Kitchen labs, Cafeteria, computer labs, and A/C classrooms exclusively for the students.

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