Message from Director

The Hospitality industry is one of the most marvelous profession, allowing one to utilize and enhance his true creative performance potential. With the industry expanding to encircle a wide spectrum of careers, there is no amaze that young students from all over the world wish to amplify their expertise in the same. Particularly Indian students are effected to this industry due to its worldwide character and gradually increasing in the effective global market, which much of the pupils. Our arts are demanded by the Indians every nook and corner in this planet.

It is one of the first international institute from where the students must get back their course fees during at the training. The Students should be convinced granted by lifetime Job Guarantee or Benefits.

The Students who are willing to complete the training course but he come of a poor family an needy family lack of funds meanwhile He/She Eager to join the management will bear all His/her expenses on the behalf of Him/her. It is merely certificate course not others.

Why Choose Us

A future evidence skill set. An entrepreneurial outlook.

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. From tourism and travel, to restaurants and luxury retail- there’s an (plurality/diversity) of career opportunities in a exorbitance of sectors which is growing day by day.

Job Support.

Travel and Tourism supported 292 million jobs across the world in 2016. That adds up to an average of 1 in 10 of all jobs worldwide. By 2026, travel and tourism will support 23% of all new jobs created. Travel and tourism is predicted to outperform the global economy.

Travel and tourism is predicted to outperform the global economy.

Our AIM at lIIHM is to be tentative all-round experts in profession who might take step-for-step in the reforming system in Hospitality industry and Job milieu. Our Target is to be fulfilled Domestic and International Career.

Spoken English

Hotels are a whole different world. But working in a hotel usually requires one specific skill: spoken English. English is a language spoken all over the world. instead of learning just any new vocabulary, you might learn here at LIIHM a new vocabulary for the hotel industry. LIIHM included Basic Spoken English Course in all programs and its absolutely free of cost.

100% Job Guarantee

This is where Network Bulls beats every other training company hands down. We not only make sure that candidates get best of the training facilities , but also multiple job opportunities with popular hotels & Tourism Brands. Immediately when course will completed , LIIHM will start providing the candidate numerous interview in various organization.

International Opportunities

Abroad internship is an option provided to all our students who desire to visit a foreign nation and pursue their paid internship. Internship to countries like USA, Australia, UK and Canada depends upon the subject to issuance of visa by the respective consulates. This abroad internship provides an international industrial and cultural exposure to the students. Students have to meet the travel expenditure, visa and service fee as applicable.

Apply, Enroll or Register

Visit our Institute to apply the Course. Carry your complete document for apply the course.

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